Music is a big part of our events, and our audience makes it clear that it’s one of the most important characteristics. We’re in search of DJs to provide the music at a number of our signature events. Today, DJs are seen as the primary entertainment at each and every event, the “focal point.” While live music once took center stage, the DJ booth is now where it’s at. The DJ at our events will ensure that their set is running smoothly, while occasionally speaking live to the audience.

Their music line-up should appeal to the masses, and taking a request or two will definitely serve to please the crowd. The ideal candidate must be able to improvise when interacting with the crowd, and should be able to gauge the atmosphere and mood at each event to maximize the guests’ experience.

Job Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Must be in charge of the music selection for the event.
  • Play the latest music for the audience.
  • Live-mix their own music.
  • Have the ability to gauge the mood of the audience and play to their needs.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous experience as a DJ at a nightlife venue preferred - Request a Login

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