Event Manager

We’re all about creating unique experiences for the hard-working nine to fivers that just need to unwind. That’s why we’re always in search of a qualified event managers to take these events to the next level and assist with particular aspects of our marketing campaigns, as well as on-site event tasks. The main focus of this position is to aid WeSell.com clients and provide them with a memorable and flawless experience from beginning to end, by ensuring that every aspect of the event is flawless.

The ideal candidate should be able to utilize their marketing expertise to help develop and execute marketing programs that will incase demand the drive revenue for the company. We’re known to produce some of the most popular events in the nation, and customer satisfaction is extremely important for us. As the event manager, every aspect of the production must be flawless and appeal to each and every one of our clients in attendance.

Job Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Executes marketing campaigns and plans events depending on expertise.
  • Provides coordination and project management to ensure event success.
  • Advises on new ideas to generate revenue for various clientele.
  • Work with appropriate clients to support campaigns.
  • Impacts sales results by developing, supporting and executing field marketing and activities.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous experience in event production/management preferred