Jr. Tech Assistant

Adroit. Groundbreaking. Dynamic. Our new Junior Tech Assistant must not only possess these qualities, but continuously hone them to help our company grow and thrive. We are looking for a savvy “Tech Geek” with a deft mind who can solve any problem while also juggling multiple projects. Along with constant multi-tasking, this position will require you to wear many hats, and wear them well. You are so much more than a “Jack-Of-All-Trades.” You are King Factotum. Further still, you are a sponge, willing to learn, and enthusiastic about assisting our VP of Design & Development. Responsibilities range from setting up computers to using our technology to successfully fulfill specific tasks.

Job Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Knowledge of both Mac and Windows configurations. Hardware & Software
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office [Word & Excel]
  • Basic knowledge of adobe creative suite [Photoshop, Dreamweaver]
  • Interacting well with others
  • Positive team attitude
  • Passion to learn more
  • Ability to handle a high volume of tasks while maintaining attention to detail and readjusting priorities as necessary

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