More About Me

Realtor Associate

Susanna Miller is a Broker Associate at Cervera Real Estate with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. Amidst the captivating skylines of two metropolises, Susanna has an active real estate license both Florida and New York.

With over 19 years of experience as an Exclusive Broker for F. C. Trump, Susanna gained valuable insight on the needs, goals, and objectives of discerning clientele. Susanna's specialty is connecting buyers with sellers and vice versa, while helping them achieve their real estate goals.

With a background as a former mortgage broker with Wall Street Mortgage Banker,
Susanna gained a comprehensive understanding of real estate transactions from multiple perspectives.

Two qualities that set Susanna apart are integrity and discretion. These traits enable her to deliver the highest quality service and exceptional real estate assistance to buyers, sellers, and investors interested in premium properties. In her professional endeavors, Susanna's focus goes beyond the traditional aspects of buying and selling real estate.

Setting Susanna apart from the rest, her dynamic qualities and distinctiveness
complement the integrity and discretion sought after by her clients. Her mission is to help those achieve "The Dream," making homeownership, finding the perfect property that aligns with their aspirations, or assisting them in securing their desired investment

Originally from Ukraine, Susanna was raised and educated in Long Island, New York. As a mother to two sons and a daughter, Susanna exudes a deep commitment to family values and a profound sense of community, which doubtlessly hold paramount significance in her life.